Fundraising Ideas and Tips 2020 – What is a Race Night Form Guide?

What is a race night form guide and is it true to form?

Another of the questions we often get asked is about the form guides and is it true to the actual form of the horse in previous races. The simple answer is it is made up and is more to give the audience a laugh at the race night.

Give Your Race Night Punters a Giggle

The main reason that we ham up the form card is that to comply with the legalities of a race night – the race DVD can only be chosen once the betting has closed on that particular race, meaning no one has any knowledge of which race is to played as it is a random selection.

Have You Backed a Donkey or Red Rum Horse Racing Winner?

So you have just bought five tickets on horse number 4 and are now being told that it is a donkey with no chance of winning the race.

All your friends and relatives have a good laugh at your expense once this is announced on the chosen DVD.

Number 4 then goes on to win the race in an exciting finish, not only do you get the last laugh on your party but you can skip along to the payout desk and collect your winnings with a big smile on your face.

Fundraising Fun with Smiles

It all adds to the fun of a night at the races where raising funds and having a good night out go hand in hand.

Here is a sample of some form guides and what you can expect to hear at your race night.

Race Night DVD Commentary on a flat course

Horse number one, a consistent performer, usually comes strong by the end of the race

Horse number two, showed good form at this distance last time out, has got a good chance.

Number three, promising in it’s last outing, but has never been put under the test over this distance.

Number four, always struggles horse number four, needs a good start today.

And horse number five, a fiery and moody horse, just like my mother in law on a bad day.

Number six, best effort when it finished second last time out, can it improve.

Number seven, could it be lucky seven, my tip for today, it has won it’s last three races

Horse number eight, has a new owner and trainer after the previous ones gave her up as a bad job. 

Race Night DVD Commentary with Jumps

Number 1, an unknown quantity, first time out this season, lets wait and see.

Horse number 2, a good game stayer of a horse and always gives its best.

Number 3, never seems happy on this course and just can’t jump to save its life.

Number 4, the race could be half a mile to long for this horse, tends to tire.

Horse number 5, the best finisher in the race if it can stay on its feet

Horse number 6, loves the jumps, loves the atmosphere, but never wins

Number 7, can go all the way, it looks good over the jumps.

Horse number 8, this one tries to run through the fences, rather than jump over them

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