New Horse Race DVD’s – 2020

Another month into the new normal and life is certainly different. The re-opening of the hospitality sector will hopefully see a return to a gradual increase in people wishing to hold events such as fundraisers.

August is the quietest month of the year for our sector along with December, with school holidays and Christmas being on the forefront of people’s minds, wallets and purse strings it is no wonder.

So looking forward to September and beyond we have been working on making some new races available as DVD’s. These races come from Mauritius and are part of the catalogue we purchased from Nite Out Promotions.

We plan to make two DVD’s of ten races with the catalogue numbers Set25 & Set26, also all twenty races will be made available on a bumper DVD Set27. The twenty races on one DVD proved popular with the greyhound races we released in 2018. So we are happy to do the same thing again.

Like our entire race sets these new DVD’s will contain eight runners, numbered one to eight with a commentary by number.

At the beginning of each race the jockey silks are described in detail with great graphics and then onto the race itself, which are all flat races as you would expect being run in Mauritius are in glorious sunshine conditions.

Just a reminder the website now contains a free quiz downloads page which will grow as time goes on. These quiz items are ideal to use on a stand alone quiz night or as an extra on your race night during the mid evening break.

Bye for now, Emma