Horse Race Night DVD’s New Races 2021

Under normal circumstances, the end of the summer holidays brings about the start of the new fundraising season and race nights begin in earnest. This year is totally different for us all, COVID 19 has changed our everyday lives on a scale we would find hard to imagine just a few short months ago.

DVD Horse Races UK Fast Delivery – Zoom, Skype and Facebook Video Chat

Rest assured that when things get back to a ‘new’ normal the Race Night Shop will be here to help. In the meantime, we are helping those customers who are holding race nights via Zoom, more for fun and entertainment rather than fundraising.

We have been open for business as usual as an online business that works from home. Our daily collection of parcels from Royal Mail has been unaffected and a big thank you to all those workers who have carried on and put others before themselves by working through this terrible time.

Most of our orders at the moment are from people having home entertainment and having virtual house parties by using our race night DVD’s.

Virtual House Parties – Google Meet & Hangouts, Facebook Live and Skype

Some people are raising funds for charities and the NHS others just having friends and family entertainment at home. Zoom seems to be the most popular outlet up to now, with others using Google Hangouts, Facebook live and Skype.

8 Runner Thrilling Horse Races with Exciting Close Finishes

A race night with fundraising or fun money/points the choice is yours and don’t forget with all our races containing eight runners and commentary by the number you can name the horses yourself and a much needed good laugh along the way. Read more on Zoom Race Nights here.

New Race Night DVDs in Editing Stage

We are working in the background updating the race library that we purchased from Nite Out Promotions and are busily re-editing and completing races that we feel would add to our ever-growing list of races.

Social distancing has meant we are unable to use our usual recording studio and we are restricted to working from our office and although this taking longer it is proving most enjoyable as we are not restricted to working within a time frame and are able to experiment with some new ideas which we hope you will enjoy.

We have decided to make all the new races available in 2021 when hopefully we have all come through this dreadful time together. Races will be from the UK and further beyond and will all contain eight runners with a commentary by number.

Don’t forget we are here to answer your questions and help you with your race night needs on [email protected]

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