How To Run A Charity Fundraising Event – Race Night DVDs UK

I am often asked by people that I meet when I tell them what I do for a living, I run charity fundraising horse racing nights around the UK

What is a race night?

So I have decided to put it down in writing and cover all the main points, so here goes.

  1. A race night is an ideal way to raise funds and have fun at the same time
  2. You can raise from hundreds to thousands of pounds both before the event and on the night itself.
  3. To raise those much needed funds you can sell Owners, Jockeys and Sponsor spaces in advance of the event
  4. Or you can just simply sell tote betting tickets for each race on the night
  5. Combining both together makes your event a sure-fire winner

Family Fun – At home or in a venue

A race night is a fun packed lottery where everybody has an equal chance to win, it’s fun for the complete racing beginner and expert alike and every race contains eight runners. Which you can name yourself or use the fun names we provide.

The most frequently asked question we get is can we lose money on the betting?

The simple answer is no, the bets are taken on a tote basis and the ticket sales for all eight runners added up – this pot of money is then split 50/50

  • 50% of the money goes to your funds and the other 50% is divided amongst the winning ticket holders.
  • The favourite will be the one that sells the most tickets – the outsider will be the one that sells the least amount of tickets
  • Imagine a room full of people with the races being shown on a big screen – the race course has come to you – what an occasion – what a fund raiser

Buy Horse Race Night DVDs now and for full details of all we supply – remember we are only an email or phone call away for any further questions you may have on what is a race night.