Race Night DVDs – 8 Horse Racing Fundraising

All our races have been sourced and adapted specifically for race night purposes. We are always on the look out for quality finishes with 8 runners in the race and the horses must be numbered one to eight.

The commentaries are re-edited by changing from the original horse names to a commentary by number, here is an example of a new commentary.

Horse Racing Commentary – New Race DVDs UK

Welcome to another exciting UK horse race brought to you by the Race Night Shop.

And they’re off!!

Away they go to a pretty level line, although horse number 6 was sluggish in the early part of the contest.
Over on the far side horse number 4 shows up, the grey he’s out in front.
Horse number 7 in green is racing in second place.
Racing behind them is horse number 3.
In the blue silks is horse number 8.
Horse number 5 just nipping inside.
And the back markers are horses 1 & 6.

Turning away from the stands they race down the far side of the track.
And its horse number 4 who is still in front, the galloping grey leads by a length and a half.
Horse number 7 is in second place.
Horse number two is down the inside, the jockey going the shortest route in the black jacket with the blue cap.
Then back behind these is horse number 3, followed by horse number 8, tucked behind on the inside is horse number 1.
In the red jacket and dropping back is horse number 5 and horse number 6 is still the back marker………….

And now into the final three furlongs
Horse number 5 is starting to make his way through as they race now inside the final three furlongs.
Horse number 4 has now got the lead back off horse number 6.
Then behind these comes horse number 3.
Horse number 2 on the fence he’s stoutly staying on.
Then down the outside is horse number 8.
At the back of the field and easing off is horse number 7, throw your ticket in the bin on 7…!

As they race inside the final two furlongs, horse number 4 commits and goes for home.
Here comes horse number one, he was held up at the back of the field and now he’s staying on strongly.
Horse number 2 is starting to stay on as well.
They race now towards the final furlong.
It’s horse number 4 on the far side, horse number 1 on the near side.
Now he’s getting a real tune out of horse number 2, but time is running out.
They race inside the final furlong and horse number 2 is staying on to beat the rest.
And horse number 2 has got on to beat horse number 1.
Horse number 4 is back in third and a big break back up to horse number 8.

“What a finish to great and exciting horse race brought to you by the Race Night Shop
The full result is First number 2, Second number 1, Third number 4″

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