Compilation Horse Racing DVD’s for Fundraising Nights

Well it looks like the hard work is paying off with plenty of kind comments coming from customers about our new menus for our compilation DVD’s. The new menu has ten races on the first screen with an introduction race on screen two also.

Menu Improvements for Race night Organisers

The menu screen now also has the races identified as letters rather than numbers, so instead of race one, race two etc. Its now race A, race B etc. This makes it easier to choose the races in random order. After the betting closes on the race a member of the audience chooses a letter from the screen and the race is chosen that way.

In the past customers were picking numbers and if for instance race number four was chosen it would confuse some people who would be thinking why is race number four being chosen instead of race number one for the first race. Only a small item but the last thing you want on a race night is confusion.

As before once the chosen race has ended the DVD goes back to the menu screen and another race letter can be chosen in any order.

Need tips? Read our dummies guide to How To Run A Race Night article!

Why There Are 10 Races on DVDs

One of the most asked questions is why there are ten races on the DVD and most race nights only show eight races. This is to comply with the legislation covering a fundraising race night as the races have to be chosen at random and you must always have more than one race to choose from on the final race.

Tote Race Night Betting Tickets – Budget Perforated at £15

When ordering a compilation DVD on its own, have a look in our race night betting tickets section on our website. The budget perforated betting tickets at £15 are going really well. These perforated tote betting tickets have 35 tickets for every runner in every race for 9 races.

Our old style perforated betting tickets had thirty tickets per runner per race over nine races, with a little tinkering about with our templates we have managed to squeeze in an extra five tickets per runner per race at no extra cost to our customers.