Nine Great Horse Races With Really Close Finishes and Three Bonus Races.

Ideal for a Great Night’s Racing Entertainment & Fund Raising

Older races from our library, horse races are from New Zealand

Eight runners per race with a commentary by number


Race 1 Winner 8 (one length)

Race 2 Winner 3 (a nose) (Jump)

Race 3 Winner 1 (short head)

Race 4 Winner 8 (a neck)

Race 5 Winner 4 (one length)

Race 6 Winner 7 (half length) (Jump)

Race 7 Winner 2 (3/4 length)

Race 8 Winner 6 (a neck)

Race 9 Winner 7 (short head)

Bonus Races

UK greyhound race Winner 5, Irish pig race Winner 4, UK trotting race Winner 2

Leader board during and after the race and the DVD returns to the menu at the end of each race and races can be chosen in any order.