Race Night Fundraising DVDs Celebrate – January 2020

The Race Night Shop is now one year old and what a first year that was!

From purchasing the business from Nite Out Promotions who were running it as Race Night Supplies to designing a new vibrant website, thanks to James at UK Web Promotions and looking at all the races in the Nite Out Promotions library and redesigning the compilation DVDs for sale. There’s also a mention to Nina the SEO Lady Freelancer who takes care of our website content and all things Google.

Horse Racing DVDs Chosen for Exciting Finishes – 10 Races on each

What we felt the Nite Out Promotions DVDs lacked was ten vibrant races on each compilation horse race night DVD and we decided to omit a lot of the poorer finish races in favour of making each DVD have 10 quality finish races to keep it exciting on your race night and making it a night to remember.

Value for money means more profits for fundraising

It now means of course we have a lot of races on the cutting room floor but we feel that this will be worth it as customers are more likely to return if they think our race library is value for money.

Because some organisations show more than 8 races we decided to review how we made our horse race tote betting tickets available to buy online.

We now offer our range of tote betting tickets in sets of 50 per runner, 100 per runner and 150 per runner for eight races.

Plus you can buy tote betting tickets for race 9 on their own and we have introduced a blank race ticket which can be used as a race 10 or for any other number where you are running out of tickets for a particular number in any race.

Tote Tickets – Different Colours Easily Identifiable

Each race ticket is now a different colour making it easier to identify winning tickets when people come to the payout desk at the end of the race, You will be surprised by how many punters get mixed up about which race is being shown and bring a ticket to a previous race, the different colours means you don’t get caught out by paying out on a previous races losing ticket.

More Horse Races and New DVDs Coming Soon in 2020

We will be adding more races to the library in the future but the upfront costs of making more races available is substantial and we can only do it once more funds are in the bank. We work hard behind the scenes and are always on the lookout for exciting finish races that must contain eight runners and be numbered one to eight, a lot of time is spent locating and viewing races.

It is a big job converting the races from the original format they are supplied in. First of all we have to edit the time of the race as races longer than four minutes need cutting down in length. You have to make sure that the edit does not mean the horses are in a different running order when the tape is joined back together.

Funny Commentary – Exclusive Voiceover by Race Night Shop

Our next job is changing the commentary from horses names to numbers fit in with the race night format. And finally we need to add jockey silk colour graphics and introduction form guides to add a bit of topical fun to the races.

This is why our exclusive DVDs are not available to buy anywhere else!

Finding ten races that fit all our requirements usually takes about a year believe it or not. Try checking the racing pages in your newspaper and see how many races have eight runners, there is not as many races run over a year as you think there would be.

Then of course we decide ‘was the race exciting enough to be considered as a potential race night item’ and if it is, you’ll get to see it at your very own fundraising night. If you need any tips on how to run a charity fundraising night do give us a call on: 07519 007355 – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm