Do It Yourself Race Night DIY Fundraiser Tips

How does a race night work and what is the dress code?

One of things a lot of our customers are unsure about when hosting a race night is how do they explain the rules of running a race night to their audience. We cover this by having an introduction film on all our DVD’s that explain how the night works in simple and easy to understand terms.

Like the race track entrance is usually in smart casual wear but on some occasions like race meetings at Royal Ascot or on a ladies day on other courses you can dress up and look the part.

Some organisations even put up a prize for the best dressed person in the room and often people turn up in fancy dress to try and capture this prize. It all just adds to the fun and makes you want to come again the next time a race night is held for your appeal.

Race Night Introduction on all Horse Racing DVDs

And they’re off, now here’s your chance to win without being a racing expert – this a fun packed lottery where everybody has an equal chance to win.

Its fun for the comlete race night beginners and experts alike.

  1. All the starters in the race are numbered 1 to 8, just pick a number you think will win the race.
  2. Go to the tote desk and tell them the numbers you fancy and collect as many tickets as you like
  3. When the tote desk closes for that race a film is chosen at random and loaded
  4. Just sit back, relax and cheer your selections on
  5. At the end of the race an on screen number board confirms the finishing positions in that race
  6. Your compere will announce what the winning tickets are worth and if you have chosen the winner go back to the tote desk and collect your winnings
  7. Once everybody has been paid out we open the betting for the next race and you try to be lucky again
  8. Shout them on  – they are running for real and it’s a great feeling when you have won. Profits from each race go towards the fundraising cause as advertised.
  9. Enjoy the races and remember – you have to be in it to win it!

No Horse Racing Betting Experience Needed

As you can see this explains how the race night works to everybody whether you are a betting shop regular or just someone who likes to have a bit of fun once a year on the Grand National.

Most race nights have eight races during the evening and all bets are taken in multiples of £1.

All payouts are on the ‘winner only’ meaning you have a 1 in 8 chance of winning.

Race Nights are a social evening as well as a way of raising funds for a worthy cause and are a great night to gather around a table with your family and friends and a chance for Granny to win more on the evening than the Uncle who is a regular in the betting shop and whose usual expertise counts for nothing as it’s a lottery.

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