Race Night DVDs UK – Horse Racing DIY Packages

The Race Night Shop is a one stop supplier of all your fundraising race night products, The shop is set out into sections to allow customers to purchase to cover their particular needs. Buy race night compilation DVD’s plus race night betting tote tickets on their own or in full packages to cover your event.

Race Night Tote Tickets Bulk Purchase Savings

Race Night operators who host professional race nights on a regular basis are also catered for with large packs of tote betting tickets and races on individual DVD’s to enable them to have a large variety of races at hand when returning to their regular customers.

Charity Fundraising Ideas

The vast majority of race nights are one off annual events to raise money for a worthy cause this could be for a registered charity or a local sports team, rotary club, pta or church roof etc, the list is endless.

Horse Racing DVDs – 10 Races at Random

All our compilation race night DVD’s contain ten races, this is to comply with the legislation which allows you to hold a race night without the need for a licence as you can choose the races at random in no set order and you must have more races to choose from than what is going to be shown at the event. For example if you were showing eight races when you get to the final race of the evening you have three races to choose from.

Race Betting Tote Tickets Benefits

Our tote betting tickets are supplied in batches of eight races plus the option to purchase an extra race nine ticket and a set of blank race tickets should you have a large demand on a particular race and don’t want to run out and turn away sales. 

The tote betting tickets are supplied in sets of 35, 50, 100 and 150 tickets per race allowing you to choose the amount you need to cover your expected attendance. Our website gives you guidelines in the betting tickets section as to how many tickets you are likely to need for your event.

No Lose Fundraising Nights – Raise Money Easily

The most common question we get asked is can we lose money on the betting. The simple answer is no.

You are only paying out a percentage of money that you bring in. For example, in race 1 you take a total of £100 in bets, this money is split in two with 50% going into your fundraising pot and the other 50% being divided amongst the winning ticket holders.