Race Night DVD DIY Package for Small Attendance Fund Raising Events with up to 40 people attending

This DVD contains 10 UK races and an introduction race all on a single DVD. All the races are called by number with going behind the stalls introductions, leader boards on screen and end winning captions. all the commentaries are made by leading TV commentators. This is our most successful product 1000s of satisfied customers.

The DVD Game is now Letter Box Friendly.
So you don’t have to be in to receive the pack (size of pack 31x21x2cm).

The Tote Tickets have been updated to make them more user friendly, 1 runner per sheet 8 sheets per race, 35 perforated tickets with serial numbers per sheet.

Please Note – The more people you have attending your event the more betting tickets you will need that is why we supply the packs in three different sizes

The set includes:
A DVD with 10 races and an introduction race
Tote betting tickets for 9 races with 35 tickets per runner per race

Giant race card for naming your horses and owners
How the betting works leaflet
How to raise £1000 leaflet
Betting working out sheets
Full instructions on how to run a successful event.

Everything you will require for a great fundraising event. All our races are shown by number only and commentary by number ( 5 leads from 7 etc). Also includes on screen leader boards and end of race winning captions.